Create a VR environment from your 3D model,  view the tour with the Vive VR Headset.  Let your client look around, navigate, and experience the space in virtual reality.  

VR show suites are persuasive, emotional, easy to implement and cost-effective. 



Best-in-class technology

The Vive by HTC and Valve allows users to move, walk, explore and discover. 360˚ motion tracking means realistic room-scale experiences.

Intuitive gestoral controls and HD haptic feedback: meant for sophisticated VR operations, applied to everyday life.

Floorplan to 3D model

  • Create your own 3D model or
  • provide us with a floor plan and stylistic instructions, and let us do all the work

Compatible with most 3D Modeling programs



  • Add small personalized touches in the model, make the space look "lived-in"
  • Change the floor, counter, couch fabric: customization options are available within the VR environment

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